All manuscripts together with figures and a short cover letter to the Editorial Board could be submitted online per email to Manuscripts should concern to the guidelines laid down in the author instructions. After submission of a manuscript, it is forwarded to a member of the Editorial Board familiar with the respective aspect. The Editorial Board member then let the article be prooved from at least two reviewers. All further correspondence with the authors of the manuscript is carried out by the Editorial Office.


Debates on Bladder Cancer

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Original articles
Original articles have a 3,000 word limit. Review articles have a 5,000 word limit (excluding references). Articles must be divided into the sections Background, Methods, Results, Discussion and Concl
Case reports
Case reports have a 1,500 word limit (excluding references) and must be sectioned into Background, Case Presentation and Discussion. The number of authors and references is not limited. Every article
Poster Journal
The article has a 1,200 word limit (excluding references) and must be sectioned into Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions. Number of authors (10) and references (15) is limited. Every articl
Conference reports
Articles are written by invitation of the Editors-in-chief. Manuscript length and format are not limited. Every article must be preceded by an Abstract. At the authorís request, reports about German-s
Presentations of new diagnostic or therapeutic approaches and commentaries of experts on scientific research on bladder cancer by invitation of the Editors-in-chief. Articles must be sectioned into Ba